Sunday, September 15, 2013

please don't teas me...

Has anyone tried a nice cuppa tea in the evening to help induce  sleep? I don't like the taste of most teas and certainly not enough to risk getting arrested for drinking tea in a public place

But then again, from 2010 up until January 2012, the CSCOPE lesson plan in the Texas school system taught that the Boston Tea Party was an act of terrorism so you probably won't get arrested in Austin even if you drink an entire pot.

If you want to visit the site of such historical shenanigans, the Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum is now open again after an extensive renovation. If you go: The Boston area is a hot bed of subversive activity. There are latte dens and colleges everywhere. Also some very good sports bars. Hit 'em, Patriots!

image: (photo W. Walker)

 I am not a very good sport myself... even when I'm well rested. I hate practical jokes. My sense of humor meter pegs banana peel falls and face pie pranks at a one on the ten scale. I don't like to be teased.

I do enjoy craft projects though and tea can be used to grunge up fabrics and papers. Some nice primitive or hip designer tea towels can be used in all manner of alternative ways according to brette warsshaw over at Food52

Busch Gardens, Tampa (W.Walker photo)
At this time, neither India nor Texas will actively pursue legal action against you for wiping your glasses but if someone totally dishragged you, dude, you might be able to press charges.

Although I wasn't there at the Boston Tea Party (original series), I did live out my teenage angst years in the area. The burbs of Boston during that decade were known for beachfront casinos, salt water taffy, replacing every 'r' with an 'ah' ("It's like wicked dahk down they-ah"...) and the big hair. 

You may remember 'The Big Hair' as an identifying feature in 80's rock bands such as Poison and from famous movies like  'Hairspray' ...and that is what is commonly called "a teaser"...

Boston lob-stah magnet (photo Wren Walker)

May the yawns be with you,

-- Wren

Friday, September 13, 2013

mood: feeling pretty catty...

Greetings fellow non-asleepers,

In case you get tired (oh, don’t you wish!) of counting sheep or eels, silently chant this little poetic ditty to help soothe yourself … or recite it out loud if there is a special someone next to you blissfully schnoozing the dark hours away. Dammit… if only he/she didn’t look so cute…or so gainfully employed.

hours pad by
without a blink
pausing only long enough
to lick another second off the clock.

Ouch. I guess misery does love company. And if you are indeed keeping company with me, slide your blurry peepers on over to the Laughing Squid and check out this German preschool building in the shape of a cat. (Make that a big ‘C’ Cat.) 

Wicked cute! Nothing like being swallowed whole by a giant feline before your sixth birthday to get you ready for that corporate magnate position. It’s a kitty-eat-kiddie world out there. And then there is this:

Hercules, a liger (lion-tiger hybrid), is the world’s largest cat.  He weighs in at 922 pounds. That’s the equivalent of about twenty-three preschoolers.

I live with two cats and I can assure you that were our respective sizes reversed, they would scoff us opposable-thumbers down their rough-tongued Fancy Feasting yaws without a kibble of remorse. Oh… you don't believe that they think about it? Well, you know those times when your pussums wakes up suddenly from a nap all "meow-meow-meow" and so you reach over with a reassuring pat: “Oh, did my wittle Mr. Whiskers have bad dweam..?”

Yep. In Kitty Dreamland, Mr. Whiskers was just feasting on your still warm innards. And that little cry thing? Soooo very disappointed that he didn’t get to sample your liver.

There is my own J.J. pondering, “Should the opportunity ever present itself, would I start chomping on her from the top down or the bottom up?” See how happy she looks? "Good Kitty!"

Now this here fellow stole a cat while he was drunk. He wants to return Django (Yes, the D is silent) because he's sober. Too bad the fellow doesn’t remember where exactly it was that he ‘rescued’ little Django. 

But what if Django doesn't want to be found? Maybe Django is tired of wearing a collar. Maybe he used this guy as his ticket to freedom... Huh? Huh? As an escape from bondage. Maybe even from something as terrible as this:

May the yawns be with you,


Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sleep? What's that?

It's 2:54 a.m. I am looking at a robot coin bank on Artful I have no need for a robot coin bank but it is a pretty cool object. One that I probably never would have discovered during daylight hours when I am busy caring for my elderly mother, tending house and scouring news sites.

I have insomnia. So I have plenty of darktime hours to fill while my mom and my husband and my two cats are sleeping.  Hours when I have to be quiet. So vacuuming is out, as are most welding projects, closet cleanings and k-pop dance marathons. 

I do read quite a bit but my eyes blur out eventually. That's when I hit the searches and just type in words or follow links in news articles. That is how I found Bob, the Robot Coin Bank and the idea to start a blog to share some of the things that I find in the middle of the night.

I will probably mix in some of the thoughts that keep me ticking away after midnight as well. Not that my 'just can't sleep' brain needs more worries to throw into that bucket. But sometimes, I'll get a good idea or write some poetry or find a quote to ponder further.

So, if you are up at night too, come on over. I won't be offended if you nod off. Although I may be a little bit jealous...


(cloud photo-copyright 2013 Wren Walker)